Will a 24in barrel work for geese and ducks.

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 I like the 28" barrel myself better swing for me. Although my dad preaches a 30" barrel.

2 years ago

i like the 24 in. barrel length easier to swing on your target but also easier to ring your buddies ears so you have be careful. 26in. is probably the best length all around but 24 in. will do the job well

3 years ago

Barrel length is more of a preference today then it was back in the days of Black Powder. Back then you needed a longer barrel to get adequate velocity out of slow burning black powder. With todays smokeless powder between 30" and 24" inch barrels you don't really lose any appreciable velocity.  Patterns vary from gun to gun not barrel length to barrle length.

I have have shot 24" barrels since 1997 and prefer them to the old longtom 30" barrels I shot lead out of.




3 years ago

 I prefer a 28" but 26" is ok. That's just me though

3 years ago

Most tubes add another inch or two on a barrel, plus tightening up the pattern you should be ok. However your buddies with 28 inch + and 3 and 1/2 inch shells will reach out and touch birds a little farther than you.

3 years ago
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a 24 in. barrel will work but i would really sugest going with a 26 or 28 inch.  The longer the better is my opinion.

3 years ago
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 It will work for birds that are a 100% going to decoy in close but for passing birds at greater distance a longer barrel is going to help carry ur shot further, but try a tighter choke tube on ur 24 inch barrel that will help get ur pattern out further 

3 years ago